SECULAR JINNAH & PAKISTAN Second Edition release: Revised and enlarged edition released 25 Dec 2017 Details here

LAHORE 1940: DEFFERRED SECESSION: Saleena Karim's article for Dawn's Special Report (23 March 2012) on the Lahore Resolution ... Full article here

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A promotional video by Deliverance Films made for Saleena Karim's latest book Secular Jinnah & Pakistan: What the Nation Doesn't Know. Launched on 25/12/10 at the Karachi International Book Fair.
Featuring music by Tobias Mitter & Harold Azmed.
Archive Footage Copyright © Saleena Karim.

Saleena Karim's Secular Jinnah & Pakistan: What the Nation Doesn't Know is a unique study of M.A. Jinnah, founder of Pakistan, and his ideological convictions.

Seven years after it was originally published, the book has been thoroughly revised and new material has been added, including updates in light of recent scholarship; commentary on how the ideological divide has affected the education curriculum; discussion of Bengal in the ideological context, with a full review of the controversy over the Delhi Resolution of 1946; details of how Chief Justice Munir and Governor-General Ghulam Mohammed justified the first dictatorship of Pakistan; notes on Scheduled Caste leader J.N. Mandal's political support of the Muslim League; assessment of resistance to socialist economic reforms by landlords backed by religious leaders; accounts of provincial politics; evidence from early Muslim sources that support the progressive thinking of Pakistan's founders; extensive reviews of works only touched upon in the previous edition; appraisal of Jinnah's powers as a person as well as a statesman; and more.

Popularly known for having revealed that a false quote ascribed to Pakistan's founder is still being used as part of the standard argument for a 'secular Jinnah', the book's most important contribution is its argument that while scholarship recognises three ideological categories in Pakistan - religious, secular, and synthesist - Jinnah belongs to a fourth, and this has yet to be explored.


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Secular Jinnah
& Pakistan:
What the Nation Doesn't Know

revised and enlarged

Libredux, Nottingham
UMT Press, Lahore


Book Data:
6.14 x 9.21 inches
xxv, 410 pages
Includes bibliography

What is the Munir quote?


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